EMX Brick

:’( Well, sadly, I seem to be stuck with my EMX demo board. I got it hooked up, did a successful ping using MFDeploy. Configured Visual Studio 2010 to deploy my first app which was nothing more than a Debug.Print(“Hello”); The app ran once (I did not have a breakpoint set and assume everything ran, but am not sure. I set a breakpoint on my Debug.Print and ran the code again; however, this time it could not find thedevice.

Now MF Deploy can’t see the board and Windows no longer chimes during a USB connect or disconnect. I did boot up into TinyBooter Mode and it says “waiting” on a screen with a GHI logo on it. However, there are no devices available when I select “USB” using the MF Deploy tool. I don’t recall what was in the drop down before, but tried both “EMX” and “EMX_EMX”, but I get the message “The device selected is invalid.”

Any ideas how to make my board work again and why it stopped working so quickly?

Thank you.

Using Powered hub? or power pack?

Hi Gus. Thank you for the quick reply! I got it working again. I’m not sure what the issue was, but after doing a Windows Update and a couple reboots, the EMX connected to the USB again. What a relief!