EMX and Etherent


I left the reservation for a while and used a product made by Tibbo. Its a great platform but there is a problem so I am considering going back to the EMX. I am connecting to a printing device via Ethernet. The print device uses the following Eth controller:


This controller does NOT support auto negotiate so the Tibbo connects at half-duplex. The printer is set to full-duplex so I end up with a mismatch which causes packet loss.

Can the EMX Ethernet controller be manually set to full-duplex? What is the controller used in the EMX?


Emx does some negotiation so did you try it?

I do not have an EMX handy to check and I was trying to see whats possible before buy another.

Normally if a NIC fails to autonegotiate it defaults to half-duplex so I am pretty sure it will behave like the Tibbo. What I need to know is if I can force the EMX to full-duplex despite the negotiate failure.

Tibbo does not allow for manually setting duplex and I have been unsuccessful getting them to add this functionality.


Indeed, I clued into the solution by using a managed switch to play with the duplex settings. I have to be able to force the duplex setting to FULL on the EMX’s NIC to ensure I can communicate reliably. I can’t use switch hardware for this application. Has to be a direct connect between the EMX and the print device.