EMX + 3D Sensor

Hello People,

I’m trying to fit my EMX-based project with 3D sensor.
It’s YEI Technology embedded space sensor, which supports various
interfaces. Asynch. serial, SPI, USB.

For my application I use EMX to display a panoramic video and
would like to pan it according to sensor orientation. Basically it’s a
simple VR unit, so I would like orientation data to be processed
with lowest latency possible.

First of all I wonder what kind of interface should I use ?
SPI or serial asynchronous… ?

Also in terms of design - do I want sensor to generate
interrupts on some pin, or do multithreading and continuously
read data from sensor ?

As you can see I’m jumping a little bit over my head, so I apologize
for these “beginner” questions.


@ SFR75 - I think that an optimal combination would be SPI and interrupts. Do you have a link for the sensor’s datasheet or user manual?