EMX 128 - reversed polarity = death?


It looks like the guy, who worked on my prototype project has fried the only working unit I had built!
Apparently he plugged the lipo battery in a wrong way and it fried the board.
Question: is there a protection diode against reverse polarity on EMX 128 board or there is not ?


Pretty much doubt it. You should always design into your own project when using modules a reverse protection diode. Well worth the small cost for this.

Even the GHI EMX development board doesn’t have any reverse protection.

I assume your board doesn’t work anymore :wink: so what exactly doesn’t work? Maybe “just” a problem of a power source?
Is the module powered directly from the Lipo or could maybe a power supply IC have passed away? Did you check if there is any power delivered to the module?

Well he said that “something started to smoke”… whatever that means. So he unplugged the lipo.
I tested it yesterday and components on the unit light up (LCD screen and compass), however
no visible functionality.
And… when I connect board using USB to computer, the device is not recognized (!) by Fez Config
and doesn’t appear as “EMX”. Which makes me think that maybe EMX board is dead :((