Emulator implementation


I know, some discussion where already in the forum and I read it to find a solution.

I try to build a extended tinyclr to emulate the GHIElectronics.NEFMF.Hardware lib, in detail, the AnalogIn and PWM devices.

I build the emulator-side code with the HAL etc, but I don’t know the interface between the managed GHIElectronics.NEFMF.Hardware and the native code.

Unfortunately, I’m struggled by the declaration of the native code. I used the FEZ_Hydra managed code declarations to generate the stub, but it doesn’t work togehter with the GHIElectronics.NEFMF.Hardware lib.
If I’m using FEZ_Hydra based hardware dll, the emulation of the AnalogIn works.

Does GHI supports the community with the empty …NETMF.Hardware stub code, generated by the Visual Studio ?

Thanks for your feedback

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