EMC Regulations


I’m just about to think of starting to do a layout for a board based around the EMX module and I was just wondering if anybody has any experience of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)testing of boards containing this module (both emissions and immunity) and if so are there any precautions I should take??


David Cowan


I guess the reason you have not had a reply until now is because the board has not been EMC tested? It would be neccessery for your whole project to be accessed if it were to be placed in a sensitive environment, ie hospital, as what you add as a project could have a big impact on emmissions. Normal care of the FEZ board and project, for example placing it in a metalise or metal case with shielded cables and a good earth may solve issues wirh respect to normal cpu activity.

EDIT: I assume it complys with FCC regs. Read them they are intresting.