Embedded Master Dev Sys v2.2

Howdy all,

I have a v2.2 dev board here that I found in the closet. I realize this is no longer a current product, but can it be updated to the latest version of NETMF and tooling, or am I better off tearing components off the board (LCD and whatnot) for a future project? :slight_smile:


EM is pretty old, yes. At some point, the EMX firmware stopped supporting EM modules, so you may have trouble finding a firmware for it - if I remember correctly the latest 4.1 SDK has a firmware that will run it, but the transition might have been earlier than that, can’t be sure…

I’d still try to use 4.1 on EM and only then try to salvage parts if that is not possible or you find it too complex to have 4.1 on EM and 4.2 (and sometime in the future, 4.3 and beyond) on your other devices.

The 4.1 EMX firmware is what you need.

Thanks for the info, everyone!