Embedded Master Assembled is disconnecting

I have my Embedded Master Assembled (Breakout Board, non-TFT version) updated to TinyCLR 4.1. When I connect it to PC (tested on Windown 7 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit) via USB, Windows recognizes [italic]Debugable .NET Micro Framework Device[/italic], but after few seconds this device is disconnected and connected again. This loop is infinite. I have installed [italic]GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package[/italic], [italic]Micro Framework SDK 4.1[/italic] and [italic]Visual Studio 2010 SP1[/italic]. Visual Studio is unable to deploy an assembly, but I see [italic]Embedded Master_Embedded Master[/italic] on project properties .NET Micro Framework tab. Where can I download latest drivers for EM?

You have a device that is few years old and was discontinued long time ago. I am not sure how much support we can provide as we no longer have these to try them.

I want just the latest configuration to be working. It is a EM connected via USB. I can send you my board by post if you don’t have one, if you send me it back.

I bought this board long time ago. It have never been fully working. Deploying stopped working one day. Then the device wasn’t visible to PC. I hoped updating CLR will help. It helped - device is visible to PC again. Now I need just the latest x64 drivers.

As far as we know, the latest should work but nothing is guaranteed for reasons explained already.

I see the problem now. Chip 48LCHMI16A2 is broken. Where can I buy a new one to solder it in place of broken one?