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Electronic Components?


Hello all again,

I am anxiously awaiting for the Panda to come in and get shipped, it seems like I have a couple weeks, so…

I am looking at buying some miscellaneous electrical components and wondering what you guys would recommend for someone that has nothing.

Well, I am looking at a generic assortment of Resistors to get started with maybe some LEDS.

  1. Well as far as resistors, there are many to chose from, 1/4W, 1/2W and metal film, etc. Which would be the best assortment to start with?

  2. LEDS, does it matter what size??

  3. Capacitors, transistors, etc.?

Any feedback would be great. Keep in mind, I know no difference between most of electronic components so if you do respond, please be specific.

Mostly looking at just building up a diverse base of components to start playing with. Nothing really particular, just to play.

For sure I will be getting some resistors and LED Lights because I know those go hand in hand so you don’t burn the Light up right away.

But what else??

Mike in MN


For now, get this:

Not really. Just make sure you have a current limiting resistor on it! Something like 330ohms.

This is slightly more advanced stuff. If you are a beginner, you probably not use this stuff until you get more advanced.


Have a look at Sparkfuns Inventor kit.
See what they are supplying and bye something similar.


If you think you might want to switch on and off some heavier duty loads then get some transistors (but as Chris mentioned, they’re a little more advanced. Generic BC328 will work in most instances. Throw them in an existing order, don’t order them on their own ! Or pick them up on your next visit to an electronics retailer if you are lucky enough to have one nearby


I’d recommend getting a decent sized breadboard and all the parts in the sparkfun inventors kit (but a bigger breadboard).

I’d also recommend a 16x2 LCD and a USB -> TTL serial converter. Some buttons wouldn’t go astray either (or get the keypadlcd shield).

Unless your building power supplies or using components by themselves (ie: no breakout board) then you probably wont need capacitors just yet. Most breakout boards that sparkfun sell and other manufacturers include all the discrete components you might need. Resistor kits can come in very handy, however you’ll find yourself using some values a whole lot more than others. They are good to have around though until you work out these values because you’ll have what you need on hand :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it all.

Mike in MN