Electrical specifications?

I’ve been trying to find the electrical specs for the I/O on the Cobra/EMX but I can’t find them anywhere.

How much current can the I/O pins source/sink?

Acceptable & nominal voltage levels?

What’s the update rate on the analog I/O?

I’ve looked all over this site and the ghi site under the emx module but can’t find the info I need?


The processor datasheet can be a good source of info sometimes, LPC2478.


Check the datasheet please. Pins are 3.3V and 5V tolerant.

They are read when you call the read method. So the update speed is as fast as you can loop reading … so it completely depends on how much work you are doing. What are you trying to measure? How fast do you need it?

Thanks for the response.

I would think you would make the specifications available for the products you sell on your own site rather than force your customers to sift through the clutter of 3 sites -your own, ghi and NXP’s to find basic information. -Or, as you like to say- “FEZ”

Also, you may consider adding a basic “search” to your website. (not just the forum)



Thanks for the feedback.

If you can’t find info you need please come back and ask. We are always here to help