Eggminder Internet Connected Egg Tray - Amazon

[quote]•Compatible with most Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones and devices
•LED lights Notify you of the oldest egg in the tray.
•Push notifications Alert you when your eggs are running low.
•Holds up to 14 eggs So you can be fully stocked

and a write up here

Something similar is available at local HomeDepot. Have seen it this weekend.

Likely its the same thing, I mean really how many different ones could there be??

Yep, that is the one. There were 3 more interesting devices under the same brand.

Could you tell what kind of sensor it uses? I’m helping a guy right now from our user group who is working on something very similar but with pill boxes. He’s using IR but that causes some problem with the transparent pills. Eggs are heavy enough they could be just using switches.