Efficiently updating a string on a display

I’m currently displaying the time on a connected LCD. Every time I want to update the time, I use the FillRectangle() method to erase the previous time, and the DrawString() method to display the new time. I’m worried this approach will continuously layer and start using a lot of memory.

Is this a valid concern? If so, would I need to call Graphics.Clear() and reload the whole page every so often or is there a better way to remove a specific string/image from the display?

What device are you using?

Fillrect or Clear don’t use memory. They just reset the current buffer. On SITCore 480x272, we can get 100fps when redraw whole screen.

You can fillrect small area where the string is, or make small buffer, draw string on this buffer then flush this buffer to main buffer.

Thanks, that answers it! I’ll just continue with my method then.