Efficient and Clean Offerings

@ Skewworks - we completely agree with you and unfortunately these changes were necessary to bring GHI back on track. We need to bring the FEZ and excitement back and that is exactly what we are doing.

Thank you for believing in us.


Gus, that is a great reason for drastic, disruptive changes - to bring things back on track. Sometimes you need to “be ruthless in doing good”. I have wondered about some of what if going on - this explains it: you made hard decisions that were good for your future. Bravo.

@ Gary - Do you have a part number, or better yet, an Eagle layout for the new miniUSB connector that GHI will be using?


You can get it from one of the designs once they are complete and they become public.

Can I assume you mean the microUSB? The miniUSB is being replaced.

@ Mike - sorry, yes. microUSB. I have a board design pretty much done. I am hoping to use TurnKeyAssembly down the road so I would like to use as many standard GHI components.

Do you have any time frame when replacement for the CP7 will appear?

@ kiwi_stu - these kind of things take weeks or months to evaluate and stock. We are trying to rush this whenever we can.

@ Gus - thanks, I understand there is significant work to do evaluating and bring a product to market. I have a commercial product at the prototyping stage using the CP7 so do appreciate giving a heads up on the supply issue and a future replacement.

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