EDP Module specifications missing


The catalog for this item says z’Caution: The module may get too hot when used with it’s upper power limits. Do not handle or touch the module when hot.".

Might be helpful to specify the upper limits?

@ Mike - The description mentions 6v but you are right about the specs, I will take care of that on Friday.

@ Gary - Current is also important.

@ Mike - What’s current? :wall:

Upper limit is 9V. We recommend 6V.

The max current draw per the regulator specs is 1A (using the barrel jack). The maximum current draw, if powered through the USB connector, would be the standard USB maximum current output.

Would 1 amp at 9V be acceptable? That would be about 4 watts of dissipated heat. (9 -5) * 1

What do you mean by would 1 amp at 9V be acceptable?

If the input power was 9 volts, and the output current was 1 amp, you would have to dissipate about 4 watts as heat. While the input voltage and current may be within specifications for the chip, the module may not have sufficient heat sinks to dissipate the heat, and the chip temperature may rise above an acceptable temperature.

No it will not be as this is the upper limits. It will work but will be too hot to touch.

A user will need to decide, use a lower voltage or less current. For example, if powering 500ma then 9v is probably okay but if you have a larger display and drawing near 1a then use 6v, or use usb for power. However, there is no magic numbers to use as “too hot” is not defined as a certain temperature.

In any case, we recommend using 6v power supply.

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