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Editing profile adds a '2' to display name


I made some changes to my profile to calculate shipping to another address and a ‘2’ was added to the display name, if you leave it as is a ‘2’ will be added on each edit. At one point my display name was ‘Rajesh22’


I’ve jumped to three :slight_smile:


Psssh… brett3 is not the original brett. I thought everyone knew…


He is? I thought this was a copy-cat :o :smiley:


I actually changed brett3 to the original Brett. All other brett’s have been adjusted appropriately.

I also believe I finally got the unique name function right so feel free to modify your display name.


No, I morphed along with my name… :wink:

Thanks Josh! That will teach me to put stuff in my cart and then end up in the GHI shopping cart pages (which I think is where my specific problem came from). Oh how will I buy my Cobra and Rhino now? ;D


You get cobra and rhino in one shipment?!! :o I do not think you can handle this much excitement :smiley:


I haven’t decided what to do. That’s what I’d like to do, the CFO has ultimate veto rights and exercises them at will. You know how it is with SWMBO :wink:


You will totally freak out if you get both of them at once :smiley:


yeah but in a good or a bad way ;D

CFO veto invoked until post september ::slight_smile:


In a good way of course! There are 2 FEZ boards at the same time! AWESOME :dance: