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EC/pH Sensor


my electronic skills are weak. I have a question about Model A1002 conductivity sensor
This sensor provides 0-5vdc output. If I understand correctly Fez spider can read analog values from 0 to 3.3V. How can I read higher voltage?



Use a voltage divider circuit to reduce the voltage to the range you are looking for.


Thanks for tip. Is this the right way : ?


Or you can order this Gadgeteer pH & Temperature Module here:


Duke Nukem, thanks for link, but I need to meassure water conductivity, not pH.


Actually, is very straight forward sensor. Just meassure voltage and transform it into MS. Transformation are done with table:

1000micro/S – 1vdc
2000micro/S- 2vdc
3000micro/S – 3 vdc
4000micro/S- 4vdc
5000micro/S – 4.8vdc

And the code snippet, if anyone is intersted in conductivity meassure:

Gadgeteer.Interfaces.AnalogInput _Sensor;
 GT.Socket _Socket;

void TimerTick(GT.Timer timer)

private void Meassure()
            _Socket = GT.Socket.GetSocket(9, true, null, null);
            _Sensor = new GT.Interfaces.AnalogInput(_Socket, GT.Socket.Pin.Three, null);
            _timer = new GT.Timer(1000);
            _timer.Tick += new GT.Timer.TickEventHandler(TimerTick);


James is working on a water conductivity module, see:


This looks promising, however I cannot find any info about sensor PT1000 on


Is it just me or is the loveelectronics homepage totally dead would love a PH/temp module?


Yes, they are out of the game.


How sad i guess i won’t get a PH/Temp sensor form them then…

#12 ( has ph and EC shields. I’ve ordered one but haven’t gotten to using it yet


I’m helping a client with a non-NETMF project that uses the Atlas Scientific EC, pH, & Temp (analog) sensors with their plug-in circuit boards. They are expensive but are very nice. I’d recommend them if your project will be in the wild for long periods of time.