Easy cross platform configurator for XBee modules

Thanks for the info. I will take it for a spin because X-CTU is not my favorite software…

The GUI is nice but it doesn’t work as well as it looks :confused: I wasn’t able to communicate with my XBee ZB modules with API firmware. I was able to communicate with my XBee 802.15.4 module but the program hang during AT parameters download. I will have to stick to X-CTU for now…

It’s weird, because with its latest release the moltosenso network manager works like a charm.
Hope you will backtrack, ‘cause it is already recognized that it is much more reliable than competitors’ solutions.


Ok i will give it another try

How so? By “competitors solution” do you mean X-CTU or something else? How about some specific examples of where the app shines? Your reply sounds too much like marketing.

Uhm, look at the evidence.

Under Mac: no competitors.
Under Linux: no competitors.
Under Windows: X-CTU is a really good solution, but it does have neither such a nice GUI, as Gralin said, nor the follow-up as moltosenso Network Manager IRON, with the BRONZE and SILVER releases.
I gave a try to the bee explorer (did you?) and crashed me twice.
I’m just a maker and a blog reader: Faludi talks about IRON, Digi’s blog talks about IRON, Arduino talks about IRON. Aren’t these voluntary awards for the software?

If I’m considered biased, you can try it, so you can do a full comparison for us. Thank you.

It has been 2 month since i tested it so maybe now it’s more stable. I will report back about my second attempt to use it.