EagleUp/Sketchup model for Gadgeteer Socket?

OK, I know that this exists, because I’ve used it. But I can’t find it on my local machine, and I’ve searched the forums, and can’t find a link.

I think it might have been @ Architect who created it, but can anyone point me to a SketchUp model for the Gadgeteer socket?

While you’re at it, if anyone knows where I can find a model for a 5050 SMT RGB LED, that would be great, too.


Here you go:

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Perfect! Thanks!!!

You are welcome.

@ devhammer - your welcome, anything we can do to help. :whistle:

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@ devhammer - Oh, and in answer to my own question on the 5050 RGB LED package, there are several available in the Sketchup 3D warehouse, both the 6 pin WS2812, and the 4 pin WS2812B, which is what I’m using.

@ Architect - Sorry for trying to steal your thunder, I was hoping you were in a staff meeting and I could get away with it for a few hours! 8)

@ Gary - PDNFTT

@ devhammer - not fair, I am hungry

@ Gary - We don’t mind. ;D

Clearly someone woke up sassy today. :wink:

@ devhammer - it’s Monday and I am well rested my friend