Eagle Text

I’ve tried every combination of mirroring, spinning, flipping, tongue holding, & swearing that I can think of but I cannot get Eagle to properly write down the left side of a board. Is this possible? How? I managed to get the “XY” text to look the way I wanted by being very fortunate that both letters are symmetrical and by writing “YX” and mirroring it looks the way I want. Of course, doing the same with the URL doesn’t work. How can I get the URL turned the same direction? I’m sure it’s something stupid that I’m overlooking.

I started using Eagle today, so this might not help a lot but I simply tried what you want to do and I failed.
When you rotate the text with right mouse button it is alway bottom up when vertically. Horizontal text can go ltr and rtl.
I would say this is a bug in Eagle (V6.4.0 free Edition).

“spin” I think is what you want - but at the moment my eagle crashes when I try to re-place a section of text so I can’t confirm

I be #$@ #$! I know I tried that and it didn’t do anything. Apparently I didn’t hit apply or something. Worked perfectly this time. THANKS!

After about a 100 rotate and mirror clicks I made it. Two times.
But don’t ask me what to do exactly.

@ ianlee74 - more importantely…what ya making :wink:

Nothing fancy. I call it a TripWire module. Any guesses?

@ ianlee74 - claymore mine with ping pong balls to go with your zombie gun? :smiley:

Damn. You understand me too well. I’m getting too predictable :wink:

@ ianlee74 - lol, what ever it is, look forward to seeing the finished article…

Ps, 0603 is easy peasy with hot air :wink:

but not TOO MUCH air :wink: :wink: Actually I still do my 0603 passives with the iron. Hot air only when I need to do QFN (no-leads really sucks :frowning: )

I’m not so much worried about flowing them as I am placing them. My hands aren’t as surgical as they once were :wink: I’m planning to give the hot plate method a try with these as far as flowing. I’ll let you know how it goes.