Eagle Shield Component

Hi everybody,

I’m still waiting for my panda(one more week :)). But, being bored, I wanted to play with shield design.

I don’t know if there is a shield component for eagle, so I created one for the standard arduno shield layout, but with the panda pin names.

It doesn’t include the extra panda IO pins yet, so it should work for the Domino too.

Will it be useful to others?

(GRR, can’t upload jpg image with IE8, “You cannot upload a image/pjpeg file type.”)

You could use the GHI Eagle files :wink: You would have all IO’s, all names and all connexions…
Look on the products pages, you will find one for each board.

That’s what I’ve done to help build my shields.

That was what I used to compile this component. :slight_smile:

It just works faster for me this way.

Want to start a new shield? Just drop this component on the schematic. :slight_smile:

For example, this is a servo driving idea i’m working on.

Note the shield blocks on the left. :slight_smile:

Ok ! I understand :-[ That’s indeed a good idea.

How does it behave in the board editor ?

I think it’s a great idea. But why only the arduino headers and not all of them?
And on the footprint, do you really need the mounting holes?

In the board editor it acts as one big footprint. Thus you can’t accidentally move one of the headers out of alignment… :smiley:

The holes are only marked on the silk screen. Thus they don’t affect the pcboard in any way, but you know where they are in case you need them. What are those holes for on the panda anyway?

I will make a second footprint for all the panda headers. Including them in the footprint, and not using them, wastes a lot of space on the shield.

You can still “lock” components if you don’t want them moving :wink:

Errol, rather than putting the mounting holes in the silk layer (which would be really annoying if you’re putting components or your own silk there - might i suggest you put them on either tDocu or bDocu? This is what those layers are for.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll move it to those layers.