Eagle PCB part design question

I am working on my first Gadgeteer module. I have decided to put all gadgeteer related parts into a separate eagle library. I have parts for each socket label. When I made it in part editor I have used tPlace(21) layer since it is going to be printed. Now, when I put it on a board it stays on layer 21 and there is no way to put it on any other layer.

The question is how to design a part that can be put on any layer?


The “part” include the “layers” in it so you can’t make a part that go on a layer

Thanks Gus.

I figure it out. If you “mirror” a part on a board, In my case it is a tPlace label it automatically goes to bPlace.

Yes, some layers are special, like tplace bplace and the copper layers are reversed when you mirror the part to the other side automatically.

Are there any known Eagle issues/tips in terms of text fonts/sizes and actual accuracy of printing on a board?

size 40 or 50 with 12% ratio looks best. Follow what we do on our board.

So what module are you making?

It is a POE Ethernet module.

In what units? Mils?

it is just the number you see on eagle