Eagle Library: Gadgeteer socket?

I’m trying to layout a new PCB board in Eagle, and I need to place a Gadgeteer SMD socket…

What model/part/library should I use?

…or grab any of the module Eagle files and strip it out of that. Personally, I have a slightly modified footprint with more copper visible so that it’s easier to hand solder. Let me know if you want it?

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OK, you guys have given me several options… all of which sound easy until I try them, and I fail.

How do I steal one from the hydra eagle file? I can’t open two eagle sch at the same time.

Great. Walk me through it. 'cause it’s not working.

I’m in eagle control panel, and open my sch file
Then I try to open the hydra sch file
it closes my sch and opens hydra

Tried that, but I couldn’t figure out how to convince eagle’s strange copy/paste mechanism to paste into the second instance.

@ JustinKScott -

I have started this lib awhile back you can get it from here or ask Brett


@ Architect – Awesome as always!!!

–Thanks everyone else too. Your solutions probably didn’t work because I’m using the freeware version of Eagle.

You are welcome! There is also an eagle procedure that you can invoke and it will export parts from an open eagle project.

I created my first OSHPark board tonight, and my order has been placed! I whopping $10 shipped for 3 boards… you seriously can’t beat that.

Thanks guys!

Great! What are you building?

@ Architect - Thanks!

Is the same a Brett’s with the longer pads?

This one I made from the connector’s datasheet. Feel free to modify it and extend the pads.

Thanks – but if I knew how to do that … then I wouldn’t have asked :wink:

Sounds like I’ve got a new thing to learn!

How bigger do you want them to be?

I don’t know … I’m starting on my first board, just my “hello world” for PCB design and SMT soldering.

Whilst looking for the eagle library I found your most helpful library. Then I noticed in the thread that Brett has a more manual soldering friendly library.

I’ve never soldered one of these little beauties, so the comment about “easier” sounded appealing.

Alright, I have just checked in newer version with more copper on pads. By the way you can always print a footprint from Eagle and put actual part on the print out. It will give you an idea about your available real-estate.

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Thanks for the tip!

I actually have some sockets I bought a while back on the expectation that I would build a board one of these days.

What is your board about?

After Justin’s help to get me going, I’m just about ready to get it made up.

It’s a simple Shift Register & 7 segment LED. My initial concept worked (I posted video & code for it in Codeshare).

Since then I’ve added a ULN2803 and CA display - but only in Eagle, so I have some parts on the way to test it out before PCBs.

Justin’s boards are tons (or tonnes I guess if you speak with an accent :wink: ) better than this.

I know my board isn’t 100% Gadgeteer accurate, for example the Socket indicator doesn’t have the box. But as mentioned previously, this is just a learning project for me. My spacing between holes may be off as well.

My next board may a for sale board, but that’s very much wait and see at this point. If it gets to that point, then I’ll make sure to get 100% according to spec.

But I still have lots more to learn about EE & PCB design.

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