E Ink display module

Any one has tried to use electric ink as your display module? I am looking for some information regard using e ink in .NET Gadgeteer. If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

thx a lot

E ink?

Like an eBook reader.

just wondering, can you actually buy display?

That site only has a couple for sale – but they are similar in size/style (segmented) to the HD44780.


Thanks for the link…
but still require a datasheet for the display so folks would know how to control it… a link to that would help answer your questions.
thanks for sharing, and it is interesting indeed.

I was hoping they had screens more like the ones on the eReaders. This was just the first link I found.

The displays you see in more e-readers aren’t generally easy for an end user to get. I recall seeing a place selling dev kits for in the thousands.

We can source those but I do not see many uses for them

The one big draw for them is the power consumption and no wearing out of pixels

It’s perfect for something that needs to constantly display data but doesnt change often. For those uses having monochrome with low res really isn’t an issue.

The two big features are:
[ul]“displays data even without power connected”, i.e. it takes power to alter what’s on the screen, but one it’s there, it’s there forever
Fully readable in the sun, just like paper[/ul]

If you have a Kindle, you know what e-Ink is.

As @ Skewworks and @ godefroi mentioned, the low power consumption would be the big attraction for me. For instance, if you wanted your device to check in once every hour, or five minutes, to a webserver, write a status to the screen (which would then stay there), power down your network access (ethernet, wifi, bluetooth or GPRS) and then “sleep” and wake up everything when your timer fires. You wouldn’t have to power the display constantly during the time when the device is in “sleep” mode.

I’ve got an idea for a project that could use circular displays if they are available, say 40mm diameter viewable area, but something the size of the OLED would be great as well as the sample “bar” screens that site lists.

@ Steve circular displays aren’t generally available. What you can do is get a screen with dimensions slightly greater than desired diameter and place it in a mount w a circular cutout.

Same thing that is on pebble:

Actually the Pebble watch says ‘e-paper’ rather than ‘e-ink’, I’m wondering if that’s deliberate, could be this Sharp display LS013B7DH01 [link] which is exactly the right dimensions for the Pebble’s display (1.26", 144x168 pixels, mono) and is described as ‘HR-TFT Memory LCD’ so has the properties of not needing backlight and retains a static image with very low power consumption (which sounds like not the same as NO power consumption for the e-ink ones). Also says it connects by SPI - and is about $18.


Yeah, they’re tough to find, didn’t know if Gus had a secret connection :wink:

@ RorschachUK - nice find, I’d be interested in those as well.