E-Block Piezo as an Analog sensor?

Broke out an old Panda II and trying to use an e-block Piezo with it to detect knocks, using this library:


Looking at the output from the AnalogIn, the value starts around 1000, and gradually declines from there.

I’m wondering, since the Piezo e-block has an on-board cap and diode (I think it’s a diode, anyway), if that prevents it from sending a voltage out on an analog pin. Anyone tried this, and if so, did you have any luck?

You’lle have to identify if it’s a diode or not and how it is connected. Same thing for the cap. It can filter your signal (low or high freq depends on how it is connected).

I found an old picture of eblock piezo, The compoment seems not to be a diode but I may be wrong…

@ leforban - Thanks. I’ll take another look the next time I have the gear out.

Unfortunately, I hunted high and low on the GHI website, but wasn’t able to find any documentation on the e-blocks, which is a shame, because I bought several of the e-block kits in the early Gadgeteer days, so I have a bunch of them.

Ask directly to GHI, I am sure they will answer you.