Dyson ball bots

Part One

Part Two

Dont think the missus would like my trying to Fez our vaccy :smiley:

Hm, I have a Dyson, I wonder if it’d make a better robot than vacuum…

Easier to get forgiveness than permission, I say!

Yeah, but that one is wearing a bit thin at the moment :smiley:

@ Architect - The contest is very cool. Can’t stand that style of camera work, though. Makes me reach for the dramamine. Don’t these people realize you can make a steadycam for less than $20?


Lots of fun! We’re having a gingerbread house building competition at my office soon. Don’t think it’s going to be quite as fun. However, I am planning some FEZ pimping :wink:

@ devhammer - it would help if you stop jumping up & down long enough to watch the video :wink:

We need to start thinking about something similar to this for MADExpo 2013.