Dutch translations in progress

So far:

Small part was translated, now the whole page is translated.


Little tired now… :frowning:

More: :smiley:

It’s getting fun :smiley:

And now I am tired.

More soon :wink:

Soon I will be the FEZ GOD :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Looks like you will complete it all very soon

That’s the idea, yes ;D

You may edit the posts, I did not know I made that much double posts, sorry. :-[

Don’t worry! Nobody’s mind. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Foekie, I read a few pieces of translated pages. Thanks for the Dutch translation as I read it faster. In the English text is missing one small clue to the real examples to run. So even in your translation.
As in the chapter on display at the part with the bitmap is not written that Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics as reference to be added.

I am still working on it. I excpect it to be completely done this week.

Which page are you referring to.

Added a lot more content

Now I realise how much work this must have been. Respect to Gus and those who already translated!

I will keep on translating 8)

Finally the day has come!

The dutch translation is done! :dance:


Feel free to check it out and point me out some errors if you find some. :wink:

not sure if you can do this since you are not a wiki admin but if you can “move” (rename) your pages then please add a dash “-” between the word dutch and the chapter name.

… take a look at the first 3 chapters, I already fixed them

For example, the name was
“Dutch - Getting Started”
and now it is
“Dutch Getting Started”

…I added 1000 points to your account

I do not think I can do this? Can you point me where to look?

ok I will do it

Maybe add this functionality for users?

I believe there might be a error at the “translations topic” too.

First you say this:

[quote]I think we have Italian and Dutch users interested so here are the starting points


But then you forgot to add the dutch language to the “bonus list”. Italian is.

Update: These are the languages that we are mainly interested in.
If you translate the book to one of these, you get $100 coupon + 1000 experience points

Chinese (Mandarin)

Am I right to think that I should also be getting a coupon? :whistle:

no error was there. You (or someone else) wanted to make the Dutch translation so I added starting points but there is no coupon as it is no in the list.

I can still forward your coupon request to the guys here but do you really need it? :slight_smile: You already have everything :o

It was someone else who must have asked this, since it was not me. There was around 0,5 of one chapter translated, I have done the rest of the chapters. Who it was is unknown to me.

Well, to be honest I do not have everything yet (almost :D). But if you decide not to give me the coupon, then I can live with that. :slight_smile:

I hope my translation is useful to someone and I hope they can learn a lot more now :slight_smile: