Dumb, expensive mistake

no. well maybe. But no.

$171? Who was you pcb fabricator?

@trent1098s - making the board 100x100 rather than 4in x 4in will save you heaps - like $59 cheaper losing the 1.6mm off each side.

PCBCart. Wasn’t as happy with them this time - second time I’ve used them. They didn’t process the milling layer (they missed it completely when I sent them the files), so I have to carve the cardedge side out myself. :frowning:

Yeah I realized that after I got the board done and started pricing. :frowning:

By then we’d already locked in the form factor specs, though, for the enclosure, etc.

These are going to be plug & play modules in to a backplane in a 4U rack enclosure. So I only get one edge to place connectors, and it can be (a maximum) 6" long. The other dimension is fixed at 4" (deep). That is the physical constraints. I have 3.6" of useful space after subtracting out the .400 cardedge.

These boards aren’t the most expensive. The most expensive one to make will be the backplanes. They’re … large.

The backplane should be a little harder to screw up… but I’m sure I’ll find a way. :slight_smile:

on card6 and beyond do the traces go through the bottom holes? :slight_smile:

Probably not. Can’t say for sure because I haven’t added power supply and front panel headers to the backplane yet.

If not this one I could work as a single layer board :slight_smile: