DuinoProto for sale today (11/11)?

Are these going to be available for purchase today? The ‘expect more by’ date disappeared. Maybe you’re going to make them available at 11/11/11 11:11:11 :slight_smile:

Yep :)!

GHI is actually celebrating hydra release and 11/11/11 11:11:11 today. We are calling this day a FEZ Friday. We have some crazy plans for the day :slight_smile:

Just got a call saying these boards won’t be here till Monday :wall:

Well, heck… we can still have a virtual party. I’m down for whatever craziness you have planned. How about a G+ Hydra Hangout Launch Party!

BTW - This veteran is thankful to have Veteran’s day off!

@ Ransonhall

Veteran’s day wishes (remembrance day here).

@ Ransom Happy Veteran’s day! Thanks for your service!

Thanks guys! I finally found a job where it’s on this list of paid holidays, which is pretty unusual these days.

Finally! It is in stock :wink: