DSLR Camera Module

At last the DSLR Module is born!
I have always been into photography and always wanted to do some camera control stuff but never had the kit, so i decided that i could make my own.
Using a standard Camera Axe cable (http://www.cameraaxe.com/wiki/index.php?title=CameraCables) this module will allow you to connect your camera to your gadgeteer mainboard and start shooting. Maybe you are doing a wildlife shoot, hookup a PIR module and the DSLR Module, easy. Maybe you want to do a timelapse of mold growing etc then this will make it simple. The driver allows you to set the delay between focus and shutter to allow for autofocus and there is a bulb shot mode that allows you to specify how long you want the shutter held open (setting the camera to B mode first)

Pricing: EDIT $8 USD each
Delivery: varies based on destination (but there may be an option to combine shipping with other UK community made modules to make it cheaper)

The first run i am doing will be for 8 of these. Two are already spoken for. if you want one just email me
hbourne at me dot com

The Driver is on code share here http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/645


Well done fella, very useful module :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Fantastic! Sign me up for one.

HughB, that is great! Congratulations on the module.

No Problem and thanks for being my first customer!! :smiley:
ping me an email hbourne at me dot com



Way cool, definitely sign me up!

Just posted the driver on codeshare.

These modules are now available. built and tested to order.
$8 USD each plus shipping.


GREAT PROJECT… One of those “Why didn’t I think of that”

Looks good. Does this work will all DSLRs ?

Looking forward to playing with mine.

FYI - I found the cable for our Canon 40D on eBay for 1/5 the price as on the CameraAxe site :slight_smile:

Very cool module, I have sent a mail to you.
Does panasonic G2 can use this module?

Tzu, if your camera is compatible with one of these cables you’ll probably be OK.


@ Tzu - As long as the G2 camera works the same way as most other DSLR cameras. The remote cables that have a button on are pretty simple things that consist of 3 strips of metal (as i discovered on taking apart my Nikon cable remote which was hideously expensive). The metal strips are different lenghts and as the button pushed down it connects ground (Top metal strip) to the focus pin (middle strip), then both to the botom strip to fire the shutter.

Looking at a few pics on the net the remote for the G2 looks like a standard 2.5mm Jack. You could easily make a cable to go between the module and the camera. Im pretty certain that it will work.

I replicated this functionality using a couple of transistors and a few resistors. (the camera supplys 5v on the pins so this was the best way to protect the uC)

Sweet put me down for one.

Thats good to know. The camera axe cables are pretty spendy Thanks for the update Ianlee74

if you are still interested, can you ping me an email with your address etc
hbourne at me dot com

Just sent you an email for an order! Good stuff!