Dry Film Solder Mask

Interesting instructable:

@ Architect - Very cool.

That said, I have a feeling I’ll stick with using a PCB prototyping service…the above technique would be OK for one-offs, but would get old quickly for doing more than one board, I think.

I’ve got to get much better at DIY PCBs before I even worry with mask :slight_smile: I’m with you, devhammer. The one off services are so cheap now that it’s hardly worth messing with. However, if I ever get a CNC built that can make PCBs then this would become more useful.

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Exactly! If I was routinely milling PCBs at home, this technique would be perfect for finishing the boards prior to soldering…

I still hate the idea of sending away to a PCB service for a real one-off board. If I need 3 copies, great; If i need 5 or 10, great; there are specific services for that. But if I want a SOIC8 mount or a custom HD44780 module as a one off, then I’d do a quick Press-n-Peel circuit and home-etch… but I wouldn’t bother with the solder mask, for me it’s not a significant barrier; 0603 SMT is fine with just the board and the laquer to keep the solder from bridging the pads.

That funny, I found a whole roll of this at work, but gave up on using it when I couldn’t find any readily available transparency film…

I can give you a hand with that :wink:

Thanks. So many projects…so little time & money… :wink:

You and me both! Always willing to help out a friend if it will help advance projects though!