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Hopefully my boss wont see this, but from time to time I get some ideas when at work or I need to check something out in my current project. For that reason I keep all my project files in a Dropbox folder.
For those of you that dont know about Dropbox, checkout

For my use the Dropbox is perfect;

[ulist]No more carrying around USB memory sticks that I more than lightly will forget somewhere or I find out doesnt have the latest version of my code.
My projects are always backed up and in sync between all machines (even at work…)
Even project files I have deleted can be restored.
And the free 2Gb stores lots and lots of code.
I can even reach my files from any computer via a web interface
Folders can be shared with others working on the same project and removed when its not needed anymore.
Visual studio projects can have its files stored there and you work directly from the Dropbox so you dont need to remember to copy anything over.[/ulist]

If anyone desices to get a free Dropbox, please could you use this link as any referal gives the owner an extra 250Mb of storage space.


Got them !


Yup I use it to sync my desktop with my notebook, very good for one man source control between different machines :stuck_out_tongue:

And the really cool thing is Microsoft are soon going to roll out Windows Live Mesh, which is like dropbox only faster and they give you more space.


I use it a lot. Mostly for backup and mobile data. Also for syncing with my laptop and the desktop.
Some of my friends use it too, even my girlfriend uses it. Dropbox is great ;D


Thanks for the referral Geir, I have signed up.


I use it a lot for clients. Next time I sign one up, I’ll use your link.