Driving WS2811 with Signal Generator

Is it possible to drive a chain of WS2811 (say 16 of them) using Signal Generator? I’m thinking all I’d have to do is set the frequency and provide the obligatory array of zeros and ones.

I think the community had used these LEDs successfully using SPI. There is a tick to precalculate the needed date on mosi pin. SCK is ignored and not used.

Yes, I know they did, but I’m just about fresh out of SPI buses on my G120. (one use used by an ENC, one is used by the L6480s)

Add an AND gate to the led and put it on an existing bus

Like @Justin suggested. You can theoretically add unlimited devices on SPI, each with its own chip select. If your slave doesn’t have a chip select, then add an AND gate.

Alright, I’ll try the AND gate.