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Driving Holtek HT1632 chip


May be someone is interested to drive HT1632 chip from HOLTEK, very nice ic capable of matrix led driving.
The code is quite long to put here becouse it includes also a character generator for text display.

This is the base code to write serial data to chip:

        void HT1632_writebits(byte bits, byte firstbit)
            while (firstbit != 0)
                pin_WR.Write(false); // = LOW;
                if ((bits & firstbit) != 0)
                    pin_DATA.Write(true); // = HIGH;
                    pin_DATA.Write(false); // = LOW;
                pin_WR.Write(true); //= HIGH;
                firstbit >>= 1;

For entire code I’ll wait reopening of code section.


very cool,
thanks for sharing…



Now you need to make a video with some animated text ;D


Look at here … this other panel has 4 Holtek chip, 4x8 modules 32x64 bicolor leds (red, green, red+green = orange). Totally it drains 1.5A at 5V … :smiley: :smiley:
I’m writing graphic functions for this one, but need some more time and some more dc power.

Probably I will need IOP64 board …


The code is on Codeshare now, with complete project.


great, thanks