Driver - ST CRX14 RFID reader driver

[title]ST CRX14 RFID reader driver[/title]
Library that enables .NET Micro Framework developers to use ST CRX14 smart card reader. The CRX14 is a contactless coupler that is compliant with the short range ISO14443 type-B standard. It is controlled using the two wire I²C bus.

The full source code and sample description are available on Codeplex:

The reader board can be harvested from nabaztag or maybe bought somewhere (didn’t look). I don’t know if anyone of you will be able to test this driver but if so you will see that the code uses software version of I2C. The NET MF version of I2C library is limited and doesn’t allow to use the CRX14 I2C protocol (e.g. sending ACK to each byte that was read). See the source code to see the details.

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Where did you get that reader? Have you tried to make your own tags?

@ Architect

I took the reader out of unused Nabaztag. You can buy those toys cheap because they are discontinued and replaced by new generation named Karotz. Nabaztag servers are down and their source code is open so i figured out why not use the reader and base source code to make a net mf driver. The rabbit tags are fun but i quess you can use any ISO14443-B compatible card or buy a card from ST (see here for the list [url][/url]). I would be grateful is anyone could check the driver with a compatible ISO card or check where can i buy samples of those ST cards.

ST CRX14 is obsolete… can anyone tell me if there is a compatible component now ?