Driver — SPARKFUN LED MATRIX // belongs on CodeShare forum

(This belongs on the codeshare forum, but I don’t have rights to create a new thread there, and it appears there is no starting thread for this driver: )

Small note: The usage example has a small flaw that causes it to fail to actually iterate through the numbers as it is intended. This is the corrected snippet from main(), with a // line on changed lines

            for (int i = 0; i < numbersBitmap.Length; )  // tweaked
                Debug.Print("about to display: " + i);    // new
                Panel1.Write64ByteToDisplay(numbersBitmap[i]);  // tweaked
                i++;                                                       // new
                if (i >= numbersBitmap.Length ) i = 0; // Display 0, 1, 2 forever  


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@ josh, but there is code on tinyclr but no thread under forum/23/ (yet?)

The author of the code needs to “touch” his post and the entry will be created.

Is Dat still with GHI?