Driver source (MF 4.1) needed for Seeed's OLED-display

I want to look at the MF 4.1 driver source for the Seeed OLED-Display to investigate the effort to port it to MF 4.3. Unfortunately the source has been cleared out and I cannot find it any more. Perhaps some other forum member can help out from their archives?

@ KWendl - Here’s their 4.1 source:

KWendl -Did anything ever come of this? I was trying to use this in a project tonight but find no 4.3 drivers.

@ Jermtown - As @ John suggested you can take the source code ad make it part of your project and recompile for 4.3. Some changes would be needed most likely. Primary in interface/namespace changes, nothing huge.

I found one of these recently in a pile of modules. I’m going to use it in a project, so will update the driver and post. No time estimates at all, however. If you’re in a hurry, you’re out of luck in the short term.