Driver - Nordic nRF24L01+ wireless module driver

[title]Nordic nRF24L01+ wireless module driver[/title]
Library that enables .NET Micro Framework developers to use Nordic 2.4 GHz wireless tranceivers. This library can be used on any net mf device. It uses SPI to communicate with the module. Developers can send serial data (max 32 byte per packet) from one board to specified receiver address. Each board can have up to 6 addresses (receive packets sent to those addresses).

Full source code is available on Codeplex:

Awesome! :dance:

Good stuff. Much needed thanks.

This one is one of my favorit. Good job!

do you think this will work with the sparkfun keyfob [url][/url]?

I don’t see why not.


@ kurtnelle - I looked at the SF keyfob and another nRF24L01 breakout they had and could not believe they were charging $20-$25 for them. Retail markup of ~300% (that’s conservative) is outright gouging.

they are also charging for the enclosure and the processor in the key fob. it is not just a breakout

Exactly my thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SF, but that particular item really is priced over the top, even with the custom breakout and other stuff. A one off for a hobby project is almost justifiable…

With that kind of markup they can afford to do “free” day twice a year! LOL

Glad you like it guys! I hope you will buy those cheap modules and help with improving the library :slight_smile:

@ kurtnelle: sure the keyfob will work with your FEZ. Just use the proper address and channel and you should be fine. If not it’s only a matter of using the same configuration values. The keyfob is nice but the price not so much :frowning:

For those who seek information about the library there is also an older thread used before Codeshare topic was created:


Great job! I’m eager to try out that module.

And here are the parameters for receiving from the keyfob:

Channel = 2
PayloadSize = 4
AutoAck = false
CRCLength = RF24_CRC_8
Address = E7E7E7E7E7

NET MF driver uses by default: dynamic payload length, 16 bit crc and auto ack. The channel and address are provided in initialization. I don’t know what’s the effect when two modules communicate with different settings, maybe someone could check :slight_smile: My guess is this should work without changes…

@ EricSan, Hey how did you figure that out? Okies, going to devote this entire weekend to testing and confirming that it works. It’s the least I can do for the community (I have the KeyFob and the nordic wirless extension which GHI doesn’t seem to sell anymore)

The firmware of the keyfob gives you that info:

@ kurtnelle I remember seeing this module in GHI store but that was the non-plus version (depricated) if im not mistaken… You still can communicate between a plus and non-plus version but you can’t use new features (like dynamic payload). The driver is for plus version and you need to change it to work with previous version of the chip (see datasheet).