Driver Issues


I’m coming back to my device after some time away on a clean computer. My Domino is set up to debug through COM via an FTDI breakout so I can use the onboard USB.

Now I’m having issues with the drivers. The FTDI drivers installed fine and I can ping/deploy via that over COM3, however the onboard USB drivers come up as CDC VCOM in Device Manager and my Windows 7 refuses to install the drivers for it, despite pointing it at C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK\USB Drivers\GHI_NETMF_Interface etc.

What’s going on, am I missing something?

Never mind, seems loading in bootloader mode seems to have spanked it into doing something. Works now :slight_smile:

Actually no, that hasn’t fixed it :frowning:

Using the bootloader mode it will load as COM4, but a normal reset will just bring it up as CDC VCOM and Device Manager wails.

Maybe some old project is left on the board? It is a good idea to enter GHI loader, then erase all using E then reload firmware.

Nope wiping the program and the firmware didn’t do anything for it :frowning:

FEZ in loader -> you get a virtual port
load the firmware -> you get a NETMF interface device

…if you see anything else then windows is somehow loading the wrong drive?!

Yeh might uninstall everyone and reinstall and see what happens.

Sigh still won’t have it!!!

I am not sure. Are you debugging over serial (FTDI)?
Then you used our USB client feature to make a CDC? The drivers for CDC have a link under CDC documentation in our library.

Aha, seems I needed the .inf from the manual! Installed now thankfully.

Yeh that was it Mike, I was missing that bit of information from last time :slight_smile: