Driver - Gadgeteer OLED(SSD1306) Display Module

[title]Gadgeteer OLED(SSD1306) Display Module[/title]
I needed a display for a project I am working on. I can’t use T35 module and I don’t have Seeed’s OLED module, so I have made my own using Adafruit’s Monochrome 128x64 OLED graphic display and Gadgeteer Extender module. This driver is a fully functional driver similar to the one that is made by Seeed. It uses S (SPI) socket on the Gadgeteer. To make it work you need to make following connections:

(SSD1306 ---- Extender module)

CS - P6
D/C - P5
Clk - P9
Dat - P7

Attached zip files includes installer for the module, so you can use it right away. is the new link

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Has anyone worked on any of the grayscale OLED’s with the SSD1325?

I am wondering if this driver for 1306 could be easily adapted to use this display. I don’t need grayscale for this design.

@ Dave McLaughlin - It shouldn’t be hard. Do you have link to the spec?

I sure do. Datasheet is here.

The interface looks very similar. This 1306 driver can be used as a starting point for sure. You will need to use proper commands and initialization sequence. Display buffer will need changes as well.

Doable for sure.

Here is the link to SSD1325 spec

Driver is already shared in Codeshare section :wink:

@ iamin - Even better!!! ;D

@ iamin. I saw your deleted post before it was deleted :slight_smile:

I have used this display with the AVR and GCC using a modified Adruino driver and there was no banding.

Thanks also for the link to the correct driver. I’ll fire up the board this week and try it out.

[quote=“Dave McLaughlin”]
I have used this display with the AVR and GCC using a modified Adruino driver and there was no banding.[/quote]
I would be very surprised if that was the case. Can you please display that half-empty figure on your OLED setting each pixel to the highest brightness and take a photo of that?

This is the display running with 3 different brightness (gray) levels.

I’ll try later with the new display a more solid image.

It is hard to judge based on your photo if that issue is present or not.
You need to use the same brightness for all pixels and then turn on significantly more pixels in some rows compared to other rows. Could you replicate that image I have sent you?

Hang on, I see what you mean now. Not easy to see in my picture but the top line of the display has 3 rows of pixels slightly brighter than the lower ones. You can just make it out on the letters P and M.

Damn. I already designed the board and made the PCB’s for it. :frowning:

I’ll just have to do some juggling of the layout to handle it. It should be OK for my application as it will only be showing text.