Driver for tunes module without installing the May, 1st SDK

Hi Guys,

I don’t have time to upgrade my system with the new May, 1st SDK, but I would like to have the driver of the new tunes module.

Is it possible to have the driver without upgrading the whole system?

Thank you so much.


The tunes module uses PWM so you could very easly use it without upgrading the firmware.

  1. Grab the source for the module driver and include it in your code
  2. Use one of the other libraries for making noise with a piezo

For 1, you can use Reflector or a similar tool to get the code. Of course you will need the module DLL. Unfortunately the Gadgeteer code repository has not been updated with this code yet.

For 2, I have a sample in code share (and there are many others) that allow you to use Music Macro Language to generate music using PWM.

Many thanks!

@ taylorza: very good library, I will try it! Seems very simple to use.

@ andre.m: right, but I would like to avoid to make regression tests of my project after upgrading the system. Furthermore, I had a lot of problems upgrading my Hydra (I had to manually upgrade it using SD card).

Do you think the May, 1st SDK is stable enough? Is it only necessary to install the SDK and upgrade all the mainbords or is it necessary to uninstall the whole environment?



@ SteZab - If you do decide to try the library, I also have a version of the library that works with 4.2 (I switched to the MS PWM implementation), the current code share version is for 4.1.

btw. what board are you using and which socket are you going to use on that board, I can help you identify the PWM channel for the specific socket/pin on the board if you require.