Driver for Sparkfun Serial LCD Backpack

We wrote a driver for the Serial LCD Backpack from sparkfun. Anyone interested can find it on the netmf wiki or just follow the link here.

If you have any questions please let us know.


Did you added to

Thanks Bakkie, 300 experience points are added :slight_smile:


Would love to see the video! :wink:


@ Gabriel - Haven’t added it to fezzer yet. Don’t have time at the moment.

@ SAM - Will make a video of it later. Building a gps tracker for a ski vacation comming up in two weeks and just recieved my makerbot thing o’ matic today. (YEAH THE WAIT IS OVER…)

@ Gus is byte.parse the correct way to convert int to byte? It works but not sure this is the most efficient way.


You mean ?

int x =10;
byte b = byte.Parse(x.ToString());

This is actually extremely bad!
It should be like this

int x = 10;
byte b = (byte) x;

@ Gus - Thanx, Will fix this on the wiki as soon as I get the chance. 8)

Updated wiki with new code. Will do some more testing to see if this works.