Driver - FEZ driver for SeeedStudio serial RFID board

[title]FEZ driver for SeeedStudio serial RFID board[/title]
This is a simple driver for the SeeedStudio serial RFID board. When a tag is read by the board, an event is raised by the driver, giving the tag number in both hexadecimal and decimal format.

Thanks for sharing. How good is the sensitivity on this board?

Pretty good. At least, conform to what SeeedStudio says on their site : 7cm (2.75" ) detection range.

I’ve tried it with differents RFID tags :

All have been read correctly at 6~7 cm.

The only thing I could find with this board is the delay between 2 readings/sendings. It looks like you have roughly a little less than 1 sec between successive readings. But it’s really to quibble. :hand:
It’s a good board I would recommend without hesitation.

Sounds like a good reference design for a Gadgeteer module.

I have a different Seeed board, this one,

Code works great. I’d agree on the sensitivity, it seems pretty good with the tags I have when everything is sitting on my desk. My next question though is going to be how best to mount the antenna so it’s both secure and also not impacted range-wise. Anyone thought about this yet?