Driver - Driving a servo using the touchscreen display

[title]Driving a servo using the touchscreen display[/title]
This project will demonstrate operating a continuous rotation servo using the T35 touchscreen display. Included are several support classes you can also use in other projects. See the video link for a demonstration and additional details.

Where is the ContinuousRotationServo class?

I can’t get the project attachment to upload. :frowning:

It’s only a 30K zip file. :\

Hmm strange. Lets see what Josh say about it.

I’ve taken it down until I can upload a file. :frowning:

31K zip file. Turned off firewall. Just spins and spins “Submitting”.

It would help if you hadn’t removed the project. Can you please recreate it and try the ZIP. Then we’ll resolve any issues that arise.

OK, I recreated it. Still no luck with the upload.

How are you zipping your file?

WinRAR, as a zip, though, not a rar.

Have you tried zipping the folder using Windows built-in feature and uploading that?

I just tried that. No luck.

I also just tried uploading a simple .txt file.

Testing if I can upload an image to this post.

So the image upload here works, but file attachment to the code isn’t working. Hm.

Am I the only one having this issue? Just not sure what else I can do on this end.

I have several projects up on the code site, including this one:

Never had any problems with attaching a zip.

Do you have another machine you can copy the code to, and try zipping it there?

Finally solved the issue.

IE compatability view.


Code is up now.


Mr. Bildo