Driver - DHT22 (RHT3) - Temperature and Humidity sensor

[title]DHT22 (RHT3) - Temperature and Humidity sensor[/title]
The DHT22 (also known as RHT03) from MaxDetect is a simple and cheap temperature + humidity sensor, using a proprietary single wire protocol, similar to the DHT11 which already has its driver on (however the data flow is different). This is not compatible with OneWire. Compared to the DHT11, the DHT22 accepts negative temperatures and is more accurate.

Due to timing issue, to avoid RLP complexity, we are using here 2 separate datapins (must be interrupt pins !) linked together in harware at high impedance in order to be able to generate and read the necessary signals (please read the DHT22 notice attached).

Please report bugs to f1iqf@

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