Drawing flow charts

I’s always good practice to draw a flow chart before start coding. That will save you lot of debugging problems and the structure and flow of your program will probably be much better than just start coding from the top of your head.

I have tried several drawing programs, some free and some commercial. But this free one is probably one of the best out there.

So if you don’t have any drawing software for making flow charts, take a look at [url]http://www.yworks.com/en/products_yed_about.html[/url]

Ps. The software is also available for Mac and Linux

Thanks for the link. I have been using Visio 2010. It’s ok I guess, but the UI isn’t great.

Having used Visio for other types of illustrations, I find Visio far from as intuitive as yEd. Please download and tell me what you think.

I like this tool a lot 8)
Thanks Geir.

Why use external programs if you can create UML diagrams using visual studio professional ??

And Visual Studio professional is free?
Please post a download link :slight_smile:

Trial would be the option if you cannot get it. I have it free from MSDN.
Sorry, thought you had this.

No problem. I only wanted to share the link of this great free program. If you have the time Foekie then I would recommend you downloaded it. Its quit impressive.

Done, will install it later on! Thanks for the tip! :wink:

It works fast and it’s easy to start with. One thing I could not find is the text element. I cannot add a single text element? ???

You can fake a text element by setting the back color and line color to white. Then just copy it around. I think the reason for the missing text element is that you can change the representation of the diagram and a text element with no logical connection would have nowhere to go.

What do you mean?

Yes I understand that it might not be a prior object in this case, but I had to create a data chain model yesterday and there are anchors in these chains. It would have been great if I could add a small text element with an arrow to show which ones are anchors.

We might be talking past each other, but if I need a ‘free floating text I add an normal square object. Modify the text property and add my text, then change the background and border color to white. Then I can freely move this text around and lay it on top of other objects if need be.
Does this make any sense?

That did the trick, thank you! ;D

the one i like :slight_smile: http://www.visual-paradigm.com/