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DPWS response time



I am experimenting with DPWS and hosted a simple service to set a LED on my Cobra. But I get response time about one second from a PC with WCF and also from another Cobra .

Are these normal response times because of the managed XML processing? I implemented the same service on an Arduino and the responses are about 200ms.


Does anyone have experience with DPWS?


Dpws is rarely used on netmf. It is nice to use standards but on small systems sometimes it makes more sense to do things the simple way.

With that said, netmf 4.2 is coming in couple months which should have few improvements.


As far as I’have been improving DPWS on my CHIPWORKX, I never has so long time stamps, but it is a 200MHZ processor, so…

Have you tried just implementing a test function that looks like the Hello World sample ? Is the problem not more on the way you coupled DPWS and your LED on/off piece of code ?


The function looks like this:

void SetState(State request);

State has one bool property. The code is generated with MfSvcUtil.
The implementation of the service is empty, so there should be no problem.

I found an interesting paper
On page 6 is a chart, which shows the latency of a service call on a Tahoe with 100Mhz and you can compare it to gSOAP implementation.

So I think the problem is because of the managed XML processing.


Hi Gus,

we looked at dpws and it does have some nice features. .Net micro 4.2 is out now, but any ideas on when GHI will support this? I read somewhere that this won’t be until 2012?




Correct 1Q/2012 is the current plan.