Ok so I’m running the HelloWorldServer_MF sample. It works but I’m not able to pull the WSDL. Does anyone know how to add a MEX endpoint?

Web services is a very advanced subject. Your best bet is to use the Microsoft forums for help

If it was easy I wouldn’t have asked :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I know but you also want an answer and I doubt anyone on this forum has an answer for you.

Just trying to help out :slight_smile:


Gotta love google.

Yeah but that doesn’t exactly answer the question. According to the spec, providing the WSDL is optional. After digging through the source code it appears not to have been implemented. I might have to implement this soon.

Yeah thats what is says. Its not there. then it says add this and it will be. Then it goes boom cause of a bug. Then add this and do some extra things to make it work till we can get bug fixed.