DP Power Problem

HI folks,

I know that we’re supposed to be able to dual-source the power on the Spider DP/Power module, but my spider definitely dislikes when I do that.
With USB and external power both applied, the Spider freezes solid and the T35 display goes white until I remove the USB or the external power supply.
The Spider likes the external PS just fine as long as no USB is connected and works just fine from USB as long as no external power source is applied.

I’ve double-verified the voltage (12VDC, in this case) and the polarity (+ is on the pin) and the current capability (1.2A) as well as any AC component (immeasurable by my multimeter) when the power block is under load.


Try a different USB port please. Even try through a hub if you have one.

The hub works.

That’s really interesting - I’d have thought that the DP circuitry would simply have switched between the two power sources…?

We are looking to see how can this be improved in future versions

Kewlness - thanx, Gus!