DP module availablity?

I was waiting to purchase a FEZ Gadgeteer device until the DP module was available, as the intended use will be non-connected and running off of battery.

Any idea when it will be available. I know this is something that Gus said was particularly hard to keep in stock.

I was watching it over the past week, longing for this to come into stock ~12th as it said, then yesterday it went into “out of stock” with no date. Waiting waiting waiting :slight_smile:

Kits get the priority for any module, sorry. We are trying our best to bring it all back in stock.

yeah, I get that, it’s the right thing to do I know. For me, I wanted to buy a kit (Hydra, so only has an SP) and some DPs. Any chance some DPs could fall out of a Spider kit? :wink: