Downloading firmware to my Cerberus

I just got my board:

My desktop computer is Windows 7 x64.

I’m following these instructions, which I assumed were necessary because the first simple Debug output example says to download the firmware.:

After following the steps I don’t see any device listed in DFU Tester, I don’t get any device showing up in Devices and Printers and I cannot choose any device in Visual Studio for the transport. So I assume I’m having trouble communicating with the board.

I’m plugging the board into my computer directly using:

The pwr LED lights solid red on the Cerberus.
There is a single red slog LED light on the USB client board.

Any ideas?

Have you tried adding a power pack. It different USB plug? Do not USD a hub for now.

Welcome to the community.

Thank you. I had the USB Client DP Module plugged into the wrong socket on the Cerberus. Now that it is connected correctly, I was able to download the firmware and connect with VS 2010.

I did the same thing. For anyone reading this, the power from the ‘red board’ must go to a ‘D’ connector which for Cerberus is #8.